Using Your Unique: DIY Artist Branding

4-Week Program
Define and Solidify Your Brand.

The 'Using Your Unique- DIY Artist Branding' program is a 4-week course for artists of all mediums on marketing and branding. Participants learn to execute a brand and image that best represents their craft.

We understand it can be difficult to execute a brand and image that best represents your craft. At the end of the 'Using Your Unique' program, participants will combine key components from the program - defining your brand, DIY graphic design, social media prowess, and learning to pitch yourself -to launch or update an artist website.

NEXT SESSION: OCTOBER 2017 | ROCK UNIVERSITY in Concord, NC (Across from NASCAR Speedway)

Classes taught by Arsena Schroeder and held at Rock University.

Week 1: Intro To Using Your Unique - Defining Your Brand
Week 2: Components of Your Promotional Package - Writing Your Artist Bio
Week 3: Social Media Prowess - Content That Engages
Week 4: DIY Graphic Design - Website + Business Cards

Registration opens July 1, 2017 and is first come first served.
Stay Tuned!

Questions, contact:
Instructor, Arsena Schroeder: