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An Interview with ARSENA about the QUEST EP.

Here we got to chat with Arsena about her upcoming Quest EP. We got to sample it and it's great! Learn more about the project and when it will be released BELOW.

Your QUEST EP releases this spring. What’s it about?

Yes, the Quest EP is a mixtape project of sorts. I feel like I’ve been on a QUEST from the moment I decided to LEAP and do music full-time. I’ve grown and had to evolve as a woman, in my faith, and in how I express myself. This EP is a look-see into that growth.

You mentioned you’ve grown. It what ways do you think listeners will hear this growth?

Without a doubt, they will hear it in the choice of song production. But I think they will hear it most in the lyrical content and in the stories behind the songs. I’ve been more vulnerable about my love life and I’ve also been less rigid in thinking my music has to uplift people. I’m less afraid to talk about my lows and the parts of my life that aren’t always “kisses, hugs, and beautiful butterflies”. There’s a newfound freedom and confidence that my “truth” and transparency is all I owe anyone.

The listening concert for the Quest EP is coming up soon. Do you have an official release date for the project as well?

I do not have an official release date planned for the Quest EP. While the production process started last month and most of the parts are laid down, I’d really like to perform them live first. I think live performances are magical moments that enhance your material and show you areas where it needs work as well. After the listening concert, I’ll return to the studio to add the finishing touches and then I’ll schedule a release date. I’m thinking in late-May after I return from Europe. But I’m in no rush.

We saw that you are going to Europe! What are your plans there?

Yes, I’m excited to go. This will be my first time on that continent. My husband is a professional disc golfer. So we will be there while he competes in the PDGA Konopiste Open. I’ll be there to support, relax, and on one of the nights - play at my first European show. :-)

Will you perform songs from the QUEST EP while there too?

I don’t plan to. I am only previewing songs from the Quest EP at the listening concert - April 21st (at The Morehead Tavern’s Ellaspeakeasy). After that, I’ll start performing the songs after they are officially released sometime this spring/summer. So nope!

Sounds like your listening concert is pretty exclusive! Where can we follow you to make sure we don’t miss it?

You can follow me on all social media platforms at @arsenaschroeder. I’m also on www.arsenamusic.com. Tickets are on sale and I’m excited to share the stage with The Polk Duo!

Got it! Tell us more about The Polk Duo.

Absolutely. The Polk Duo is a husband-wife duo made up of Kasey and Myranda Polk. I had the pleasure of going to the same high school and singing on the same choir as Myranda. I was looking to play locally in the Greensboro area (where they live) and got an email from her husband. We all linked up and did a small coffeehouse gig right outside of Greensboro/High Point. When I was planning this show, they came to mind. We have a lot in common - our music is inspirational, acoustic, and soulful. I thought it'd be great to add them to the night because we take different approaches at accomplishing the same goals. I'm excited to have them kick off the night and hope my fans enjoy them as much as I do and vice versa!

We see that you've been traveling a lot. Will your travels pick up even more now that you have new music to promote?

Your right it seems I have been traveling more often. Last year in 2016, I shied away from traveling. I realized when I traveled, I traveled in BULK. Meaning I'd be gone for a week or two at a time, every other month. And it was a big deal. My goal this year has been to be more open to traveling, BUT to travel only one or two nights at a time - even if that means having to fly. It's been much more energizing not living on the road. I also realized the time I spent driving all over the country was actually more taxing then just hopping a quick flight. So yes, I have been traveling more. But I'm home within the next day or so. It's pretty awesome.

Thanks Arsena! Find out more about her and be sure to attend her exclusive Fri, April 21 Listening Concert at 9pm! 300 E. Morehead Tavern Charlotte, NC.